What do we offer?

The APRS offers the following services to members.


The APRS promotes the companies of the associates through several channels (web, e-mails, news...) We also manage the directories at the entrances of the industrial estate which allow the location of the associated companies.


We have a security service for APRS members during the night and all day at the weekend. Any incident or emergency at the member's facilities is communicated to them immediately.

Fibre optics

Thanks to the collaboration of the APRS, the industrial estate has a high quality fibre optics service, which allows a connection of up to 1000MB symmetrical (upload and download).

Collective agreements

The association is continuously looking for agreements with companies that offer high value services to members, with the aim of obtaining better conditions, both economically and in terms of service.


We are currently living in a constantly changing environment. For this reason APRS promotes training by organizing conferences or seminars, with the aim of adapting its members to the new environment.

Institutional relations

The APRS jointly defends the interests of its members before the public administration in general.